Donating to ENYP

  • ENYP relies on the support of grants, donations and regular giving to maintain and develop its activities in the community.  Can you help support us financially to continue to sustain and deliver our services?  There is increased pressure on grant funding which means its not a source of income we can rely on. Perhaps you can consider donating just £5 or £10 per month.  No matter how much you donate your support is greatly appreciated, and will help us to sustain our activities in the future.  If you can support in this way please contact Lucie;


ENYP benefits local young people by:

  • providing holistic youth work with activities including social clubs, arts and crafts, dance, drama, music production, IT and sports, that will develop social and personal skills, and self confidence.
  • developing leadership skills through encouraging young people to take responsible roles within our programmes and to reflect on their lives and role in life.
  • providing educational programmes that will equip young people with the skills, knowledge and understanding to empower them to make positive life choices and contributions.
  • offering young people the opportunity to find their voice, have their say and consider their belief basis.
  • giving access to programmes that will help young people integrate in the wider community.